#WoCAffirmation : A WIP list of WoC Critical/Cultural Theorists, Academics, Writers

biel-morro-128512.jpgYesterday I asked my social media networks to send me the names of their favourite WoC academics, critical and cultural theorists. As a young WoC academic (social scientist/writer) myself, I am always interested in finding, recognizing and sharing about other women outside of the standard white, cishet academia in order to create more holistic, relatable and identifiable role models for other WoC. Twitter was also celebrating #WoCAffirmation as part of praising, honoring and widely sharing the work of WoC from all walks of life in order to value and be cognizant of the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual labour we put out into the world daily.

Here is a collection of names that emerged, in alphabetical order.

  • Ana Castillo
  • Angela Davis
  • Arundhati Roy
  • Audre Lorde
  •  bell hooks
  • Carlota Perez
  • Cherríe Lawrence Moraga
  • Christina Sharpe
  • Dr. Nawal El Saadawi
  • Dr. Vina Mazumdar
  • Eunsong Kim
  • Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
  • Gloria E. Anzaldúa
  • Hortense Spillers
  • Ijeoma Oluo
  • Irawati Karve
  • Jasbir Puar
  • June Jordan
  • Leila Ahmed
  • maria lugones
  • Na’eem Jeenah
  • Nivedita Menon
  • Shilpa Phadke
  • Patricia Hill Collins
  • Saidiya Hartman
  • Sandeep Parmar
  • Sara Ahmed
  • Shirin M. Rai
  • Shirley Geok-lin Lim
  • Shu-mei Shih
  • Soumaya Naamane Guessous
  • Suheir Hammad
  • Sunita Jain
  • Sylvia Wynter
  • Veena Das
  • Winona LaDuke
  • Ziba Mir-Hosseini
  • Zoya Hasan

This is an incomplete list and we are looking to add to it on a continual basis.

If you have recommendations/suggestions, please sent me at tweet @zaharaesque.



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